How to manage printer assignments.
1. Log in to the 1st United Funding server.
2. Minimize the active server session by clicking on the minimize icon.   
3. Open the .print Client Manager  
  • either by double clicking its icon in the task bar
  • or by opening the context menu using the right mouse-button and selecting the CONFIGURE option.  
4. This opens the Client Manager.  
a. Setup tab
Select either


USE THIS PRINTER.  This option allows you assign a specific printer even if it not your default printer.
b. Assignment tab
  The ASSIGNMENT panel displays information about available printers.  Here you can select all of the installed printers that you want available while connected to the 1st United Funding servers.
  Enable sending properties
  If this option is enabled, the client printer’s paper trays as well as duplex settings, paper formats, and print resolution will be applied to the printer created on the server.
5. Click OK to close the Client Manager  
6. Click on the REMOTE DESKTOP tab on the task bar to restore the Active server session.  


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