Q: What are the rules regarding the computers in company offices?
Computers in each office are provided as a courtesy to you.  In return, please be respectful of the equipment and other people around you.
Computer usage rules:
Computer are used on a 'first come, first serve basis'. 
There are no saved or assigned computers unless it is being RENTED to an individual.
There is to be no non-industry software added to the machine.  This includes games, email/chat software, file sharing software, anti-virus/anti-spyware software, etc.....  
Do not configure any email software for your email.  
Do not change the home page, screen saver, or backgrounds on any machine. 
(Please save your kids pictures on your computer at home.)
Do not allow anyone not affiliated with the company to use the computer.  This includes your children.  
Do not ask someone else to move from 'your' computer unless you are RENTING it from the company.  
Do not save files on the computer.  Please use a USB drive to save any files. (These can be found at your local office supply store for as little as $10)  
Do not disconnect / move any equipment.  
Do not leave any files or personal items at any desk.  These items will be removed and may be discarded.  
Please report any office equipment problems to the office manager or to  
Please note:  Office computers may be removed or reformatted without notice.  

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